Badger International, a specialised insurance and related services group of businesses operating in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the USA was founded in 1995.

We have grown in line with our mission and purpose of providing our worlds with Soft Landings as well as becoming a leading global insurance group providing world class products and services through our people, our relationships, our shared values and our performance.

“We’re passionate about our people, our customers, partners and the communities in which we operate in and actively seek to ensure everyone is enriched by their interaction with us” Brad Hogan

We have been helping insurance and related companies to maximise their potential for over two decades.

Our success lies in establishing innovative insurance entities and partnering with great people who have excellent track records. We give them the means to grow sustainably into the future by providing expert assistance and advice.

We believe that it is through partnership that companies will reach their full potential and achieve successful growth. That is why we embrace and encourage opportunities to establish firm, committed and longstanding business relationships.

Our chairman often tells the story that inspired his vision for the group about his friend who was about to crash in a glider plane. He prayed to be saved and felt a gentle wind lift the wings of the plane and gently help to land him. We see relationships and gentle landings in times of need as our offering.



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Brad Hogan

Chairman & CEO

Roland Lange

CEO Australasia

Simon Phage

CEO Africa

David Roache

COO Africa

Peter Grindlay

International Director

Our Mission

We are a leading global insurance services company, providing world class products and services through our people, our relationships, our shared values and our performance.

Our Vision

To be our clients’ first-choice financial services provider by giving them the best value and most appropriate range of financial services.

We aim to achieve this by employing only the best people, creating a culture of excellence, ensuring the lowest-possible management costs and by keeping our clients at the centre of everything we do.

Our Values

As the inspiration for our name, logo and mascot, the honey badger is close to our hearts and we are motivated by its well-known traits and values:

  • Focus
  • Resilience
  • Tenacity
  • Relationships
  • Discipline

These are the values we have adopted, and we strive to live by. These shared values underpin our organisation’s culture and guide the decisions and behaviour of our associates, management and members by living them every day and in everything we do.

Our Underlying Business Principle

Profit, targets and competition are clearly essential to the success of any organisation. That said, our underlying objective is to develop and sustain a company that has a deep, positive and enduring impact on every person who works for and who comes into contact with us.

We’re a living entity and impact positively the communities in which we operate.


Philippians 4:8
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is fair, whatever is pure, whatever is acceptable, whatever is commendable, if there is anything of excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy – keep thinking about these things.


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The Soft Landings Foundation

We believe that everything we do in business should ultimately lead us to helping others and creating a better world… Our Soft Landing Foundation supports a variety of community charity projects focussing on:

  • Upliftment and education of women and children
  • Feeding schemes
  • Spreading the word through Bible distribution and Church planting.


Kedi Maponyane - MD African Independent Brokers

Rob Inglis - MD Road Protect


At Badger, we owe our success to our partners and clients and we look forward to building on this success and our relationships in the decades to come.

We hope we can include you and your company on our journey and, together, provide our worlds a Soft Landing.

Bridget Frost

Tel: +27 (44) 805 3405
Email: bridget@badgerinternational.com